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With Russian lips, the cupid’s bow is accentuated to create a shape not dissimilar to a heart. There is considerable volume and lift added to the body of the lips while minimizing the lip’s frontal projection. The effect is quite doll like, albeit that when performed correctly, still looks very natural.

New advanced technique with a thicker premium longer lasting dermal filler for lips. 

Totally reconstructs the vertical anatomy of the lip. Gives more lift to the front and they look flatter from the side


This technique works best on virgin lips but can still be done on those with product in providing they are not overfilled, there is no lumps or product migration. 


If you have previously suffered with lumps or have lots of product in your lip from previous occasions – we cannot do this technique. We need 1ml of product to carry out this procedure. 

Causes more swelling and bruising. 


Regular / Signature lips are typically juicer. They product more volume and less shape. If you are a nervous client who would like a more subtle result then this is the technique for you, as we can achieve incredibly natural results. Signature lips are suitable for patients that have had larger amount of previous dermal filler in their lips


There is less downtime and less bruising with this technique.

We offer the following services in our Manhattan location: 
Botox | Dysport | Xeomin | Juvederm | Restylane | Sculptra | Radiesse | Dermal Fillers | Microneedeling |
PRP | Vampire facial | Kybella | IPL | Lipotropic injection | PDO Threads | Microdermabrasion

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